US Market

We provide a complete range of services to help you introduce, grow and achieve sales in the US market.

We do this by utilizing our vast experience in successfully setting up business in the US, selling to and working with fortune 500 companies, introducing new products to market, working with the US government and winning for two years the prestigious Company of the Year award, for the successful integration and delivery of products and technology to the leading players and stakeholders in the US financial industry.

US Sales

  • Our unique hands on process , extensive network of partners  results in answering the 5 W, why, who, what, where, and when in a simple and practical way.
  • We analyze the best go to market strategy to assist and put together the right actions,  relationships, resources and network to bring your product successfully  to the US market. 
  • We have developed a Unique industry knowledge as result of designing, integrating,  selling and introducing innovative technological solutions to the Homeland security, Payment, Mobile, HealthCare, Parking and Petroleum industries, 

Working with the US government

    We design and create the path for introduction and initial sale into the government service industry. Some of the key areas we look at, in the process are :
  • Possible channel partners.
  • Right corporate structure.
  • Best contract vehicle platform (GSA etc.), Buy America criteria.
  • Respond successfully to RFI /RFP process and more.

Establishing a business in the US

    Doing business in the US requires local presence. We help you with getting up and running as quickly and effectively as possible by :
  • Choosing the best location.
  • Setting up the right financial and legal structure.
  • Setting up an HR program and recruiting the best personnel.

What We Do?


 We provide a comprehensive set of services
to different size of organizations in the following areas: