Capital Markets

We speak "Wall Street" and "Industry". We bring unique insight to the capital process by being in management position for many years and raising capital both private and public, such as IPO and PIPE. With Years of experience on Wall Street, intimate understating of the market and stakeholders we know what it takes. 

We help companies reach out to both private and public resources. We provide complete set of services to prepare management to present at deal and non-deal road shows. Our goal is to help you deliver a clear, simple and attractive story and message.

Going public constitutes a major milestone in the life of a company and a major transition for the shareholders, managers and employees. Preparing to take the company public requires many changes in the way company runs and thinks. 

A professional preparation is therefore necessary to take all the necessary management decisions in a very early stage.We help you get a program quickly and swiftly, saving time, energy and most important, getting you back to run your business.

Providing Unique Solutions and Insight:

  • Reviewing equity and capital needs in order to tailor the right transaction
  • Locating the right advisory bank
  • Reviewing organization structure
  • Support and guidance in the Due diligence process
  • Corporate communications strategy 
    • Polishing marketing and corporate presentation
    • Structure and content
    • Story and key messages
    • How to deliver the message
    • Public speaking basics
    • Sell / Buy side analysts communication
  • IR & PR Strategy - locating the right partners, refining and crafting the right message and effectively maintaining the ongoing IR and PR process.

What We Do?


 We provide a comprehensive set of services
to different size of organizations in the following areas: